My Heritage

She can't sit during "How Great Thou Art."

My mom has influenced me in many ways. She found Jesus in the 70's and He has never left her side. Her faith is like granite. My mom loves and studies the Bible to this day. I love discussing it with her. Most people will tell you she's a hoot. It's entirely true. I am a lot like her, which is a huge compliment. She is "pushing eighty" as she affectionately calls it but she has so much energy and zip. She calls herself the "Zippity-do-dah Grandma!" This woman is immensely proud of her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids and she has prayed for each of us for over thirty-five years. I am who I am because of this woman. I love her! Now to teach her how to see my blog. 

She is fond of "selfies."

What person has influenced you the most? Make sure you tell them today. 

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