Interactive Blog Post

Dear Readers, 

Welcome to Meg's Interactive Blog Post! 

Interactive, you say? You mean I don't get to just sit here and read your thoughts, sipping my coffee, minding my own business? 

No, dear reader, no. This will be a very short piece and that will free you up to do your part. 

I have to "do" something? I didn't sign up for this. I really just want to move onto the next blog, maybe they will just let me sit and read the darn post. 

The challenge is to be still. The challenge is to embrace the quiet. This is our theme for this post and as I was thinking about it, I felt STRONGLY to lead you, dear reader, to a time of quiet and stillness. A time of listening. Resting. Trusting. 

Your part is to close your computer, put your phone away, take a few minutes and be still. Rest. Listen. Ask the Lord what He thinks about you. Wait. Receive. Be Blessed. I am praying for each and every one of you. 

Be Still and Know...

If you'd like to come back later and tell about your experience, I invite you to do so. I'd love to hear about your time. 

Also, I am blogging today with some wonderful women so take a moment and read my friend Allison's post on being still. Thank you. 

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