52 Weeks in My City-2/52

One thing I have discovered about myself is that I am drawn to people. If I could do anything, I'd want to do street photography 24/7. I love catching people unawares. I love noticing the beauty in people, even when they may not see it themselves. I love telling stories through street photography. 

As I shot this week in my 'hood and also in downtown Los Angeles, I find that the photos that make me happy are the photos that have peeps in them! 

This year, I do want to get better and bolder in my street photography. I often feel limited because I don't have the best lens or camera equipment and I am limited in my resources. I know it's not about the camera or the equipment. I know that in my head but not in my heart. Recently, I heard a TED talk that challenged the feeling of limitation. It's not a long talk and I highly suggest watching it. Embrace your limitations.


I am embracing my limitations and allowing them to kickstart creativity. 

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