How to Talk to your Kids about Sex

Growing up, I never had a sex talk until the night before my wedding. My sister sat me down (thank the Lord) and told me a few things she thought I should know. Being inexperienced in the area of sex meant I did not have a clue. I am grateful for my sister giving me the lowdown. 

Bean and I decided early on that our kids were going to know about sex and their bodies, whether they liked it or not. Generally, they cringe every time we bring the subject up. I tell them one day they will be happy we were so open with them. The man-cubs keep assuring me that will never happen. So, let's begin. 

"How to Talk to your Kids about Sex"

1. Start talking. Now. Jump in. 

2. Make friends with the awkward. 

3. Be comfortable with your own sexuality. 

4. Don't wait!

5. Put your teenage kids in charge of their own sexuality. 

Why is it important to talk about sexuality? The world is screaming quite loud about this subject. The world's view of sexuality can be screwed up (in my honest opinion) and we need to empower our kids to make healthy choices. Also, the Church historically has not had a good track record in discussing sexuality. Can we change that? I think so! 

 Just so you know, I am no sexpert. But I do love the gift that God gave to us. I thank Him often for the ability to orgasm. 

How did sex get communicated to you? Did you have a sex talk? Did your friends clue you in? Do tell! 

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