How to Trust God for the (seemingly) Impossible

A few weeks ago, I had the idea of doing a "How to" Blog series. I am blogging once a week on a topic sharing "how to" do something. I am no expert, but I am writing out of my experience. I have age and grey hair on my side. 

My family is trusting God for some impossible things right now. By impossible, I mean things I cannot make happen on my own. Here are a few things I have learned on the wonderful, scary journey of trusting God for the impossible. 

1. Did God speak? 
2. Trust. 
3. Pray. 
4. Do the possible; let God do the impossible. 
5. Recount the times God has been faithful. 
  • This ought to keep me busy and stop me from freaking out. God's faithfulness never ever ends. 
5. God is good. Period. 

I hope these few tips help. I will probably have to come back and read this again when I am tempted to freak out. 

What challenges you most about this post? 

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